1 October

The profound love for those we have lost, the unwavering strength of their families, the complex emotions of survivors, the heroic acts of bravery, the individual paths of healing, and the remarkable support of the community have deeply influenced every step of our design process for the memorial. We recognize that our proposal is just the beginning of a much longer journey ahead.

Throughout the development of our design, we have prioritized extensive engagement with all who have been affected and have actively incorporated their feedback. One of our primary goals has been to create a visual representation of unity that embraces the diverse experiences and healing processes of individuals, while respectfully honoring the lives that were tragically taken.

Inspired by the community’s deep connection to country music and the site’s connection to the breathtaking landscapes of Las Vegas, our design proposal aims to navigate and convey the broad range of emotions associated with this event and its aftermath. Drawing inspiration from natural elements such as the Colorado River carving through the Mojave Desert, the graceful contours of a guitar, the resilient form of a cactus, and the ancient fossil beds of Tule Springs, our memorial enclosure rises from the landscape as a symbol of unity.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert, Martin Stigsgaard, Darrell Neubert, Jeremy Limsenben, June Kim, Jina Seo / Landscape Architect: Agency Artifact / Exhibition Design: G&A / Structural Engineer: Nous Engineering / Civil Engineer: Labib Funk + Associates / MEP Engineering: AlfaTech

Publications: The Architect’s Newspaper, June 7, 2023