The M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre (CCC) takes advantage of its location along the Nemunas River to produce a new primary orientation node from which to engage the City of Kaunas. The CCC – an accessible and flexible venue with the potential to bring vast contemporary and historical programming to the people of Kaunas, as well as welcoming emerging musical and artistic experimentation – will delineate a space of immersion in creative culture, while open to the landscape of Kaunas.

Uniquely located between the Aleksotas district, the Nemunas River, the new Public Park, and the new Public Square, the project aims to fully embrace the complex urban forces converging upon the CCC.

Three elliptical platforms encircle the project, allowing 360 degree views of Kaunas, while maintaining the occupants’ participation within the interior environment. In addition to the experiential objectives of these platforms, they also provide open programming zones to accommodate a series of fixed and emerging events throughout the year. The acoustical and light sensitive private and secure programs are housed within the inner envelope of the wood clad hub and the radiating stone clad spokes of the design.

Found between the inner envelope of the interior are the viewing platforms that compose the outer building envelope, and the glass-shingled public spaces of the CCC that directly interface the site.

Internally, an intricate triple height interior landscape emerges upon entering the CCC Lobby. This glass shingle-clad vertical garden maximizes the occupants’ relationship to natural light, bringing it deep within the public spaces at all levels, powerfully connecting the building and its occupants with the sun, its daily arc, and the seasons.

From these public spaces, occupants have sight and sound lines to the entirety of the interior and the surrounding landscape, transforming the lobby into a dynamic community room. As one ascends the volume, spontaneous and planned cultural programming may be presented through the incorporation of a flexible exhibition infrastructure housed within the elliptical platforms.

This contiguous interior public space consists of the primary lobby to the east facing the Public Square and automobile drop-off, the secondary lobby to the west facing the Public Park and surface parking, and the café and restaurant to the north facing the Riverwalk.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Jina Seo, Aswin Wijaya, Xiran Zhang, Peter Yau, Janice Chen, Nuo Xu, Qi Tang