Stria Park

Stria Park proposes a strategy for the creation of new sustainable urban neighborhoods consisting of complex networks of living, working, recreational and cultural activities within the urban core of Los Angeles.

As Downtown continues towards full re-population, the noticeable dearth in diurnal activities will become increasingly prescient. This proposal, aimed at resisting the separation inherent in the traditional zoning designations within the city, consists of a dense layered landscape of varied use and function. Resulting from this integration is the creation of a living urban village with perpetual day/night and week/weekend use.

The strategy for the Grand Avenue parcel weaves new park space, recreation, housing, shopping, entertainment and parking into the existing civic and cultural adjacencies that define the site. Contoured topographical superstructures are employed to both organize and mediate program and terrain, and consequently blur the conventional boundaries of private and public urban space.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert, Robert Apodaca, David Chong, Jeremy Fletcher, Mike Jacobs, Jeremy Limsenben, Jimmy Miyoshi

Publications: Los Angeles Times, December 25, 2005