Junction Theatre

Due to the dearth in public functions existing around the property – the abandoned Bates Motel – the design for the Junction Theatre focuses on re-establishing the street presence and creating a “bridge” between the adjacent and more active stretches of Sunset Boulevard.

Specifically, the design consists of the adaptive re-use of the existing motel into a black box theater, the main theater stage, administrative programs, and misc. support spaces. The building volume fronting the street will house a sidewalk café, a second floor restaurant, and a roof bar. Inserted into the void within the existing U-shaped building will be the entry and box office, the lower and upper lobbies, and the main auditorium volume.

The expression of the Junction Theatre’s mission is emphasized through the faceted acoustical and translucent system that emerges from deep within the interior of the U-shaped volume, amplifying the renewed energy of this strip of Sunset Boulevard.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), David Chong, Luis Macias, Jordan LaRue, Claire Cornett, Nico Valencia