Sky Box Theatre

In proposing an architectural vision for the renovation and addition of A Noise Within (ANW), our design is inspired by the theater’s current residence in Edward Durell Stone’s Stuart Building, aiming to celebrate this architectural backdrop and forge a symbiotic relationship with Pasadena’s history. Our collaborative vision seeks to enhance the existing space, providing the creative and theater-going community with a renewed perspective on the site and surroundings. This involves creating new performance and support spaces that seamlessly connect to the external world or focus inwardly on the theatrical experience, ensuring ANW remains a cultural beacon in the community.

The Hub, conceived as an uppermost floor gathering space, becomes a haven for informal exchanges, collaboration, relaxation, and socialization—a private aerie fostering a strong sense of place with ample natural light and air, serving as a second home for artistic minds to thrive. The lobby, designed as a gateway to the performance spaces, sets the mood for each production with elements like lighting, acoustics, and artwork. This public place, reminiscent of a town square, fosters community, serendipity, and spectacle, acting as an ideal backdrop for performances and connecting all spaces on campus.

The planned vertical expansion introduces a ceremonial stair and an enlarged elevator, enhancing accessibility for diverse populations, props, costumes, and scenery. Collaboration in determining load-in scenarios for upper spaces is eagerly anticipated, ensuring the project’s legacy extends beyond new programming to encompass the entire campus, its architecture, and outdoor areas. The proposed performance space prioritizes artistic flexibility, offering a 2500 to 3000 square feet footprint that ensures an intimate connection between the audience and performers, supporting various seating configurations for a democratized experience.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert, Melissa Neel, Jeremy Limsenben, Tak Kin Szeto, Amir Mazhari, Brian Kim