Asia Society

Asia Society is an international organization headquartered at Park Avenue and 70th Street in a 1980’s red granite eight story building. The architectural transformations focused on four areas: re-designing office floors for a more efficient and environmentally friendly use; significantly enlarging the exhibition areas; enlarging visitor support functions, such as retail services and back of the house facilities; and creating a new and original precinct for members and visitors. The renovation also created space for the Society‚Äôs expanded public programming, teaching and website development. The spatially contracted lobby now opens dramatically onto a four-story interconnecting stair and a two-story garden court that is a reinterpretation of the original second-story terrace. To promote its new emphasis on exhibitions, the Society renamed its headquarters the Asia Society and Museum.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Competition Entry Lead Designer) for Voorsanger & Associates

Publications: Unfolded, 2017, Concept, 2002, Digital Architecture, 1999