The School of Art & Design as a center of cultural and communal exchange can only be strengthened through a connectivity of local and regional programs and influences.  Our operational strategy, that of conjoining the art school and the art museum around a loose network of physical and visual relationships, offers an experience that actively instigates and engages its varied users.  From this process of conjoining, a social field emerges.

Newly established relationships between the Museum and the existing School of Art are intended as ones of provocation.  The architecture provides both physical and ephemeral porosity.  The university community engages the new building at the scale of the campus with the implementation of new trajectories onto and through the site. Likewise, the boundaries that traditionally separate the production of art from the consumption of art are intentionally blurred.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert, Mike Jacobs (Principals), Michael Alamo, Rose Castillo, Gabriel Leung, Tony Rouhana