Stengel Field

Approached by a local youth-based non-profit organization, the transformative task was undertaken to enhance their baseball facilities to better cater to the community’s needs. In the initial stages of the project, focus was placed on gaining a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s objectives and the expectations of various stakeholders. This involved conducting surveys and hosting community meetings to gather valuable insights and perspectives. Through this collaborative process, the aim was to align design goals with the aspirations of both the leadership and the community at large.

To elevate the overall community experience, a comprehensive revitalization was proposed, including the replacement of concessions, stadium seating, and locker facilities. To optimize the use of available resources, the design strategically bundled the program below the bleachers, allowing for the preservation of a significant portion of the site as accessible public spaces. The implementation of a perforated aluminum screen not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the facility but also served a functional purpose by creating essential shading for both players and fans. This thoughtful integration of design elements reflected the commitment to fostering a more inclusive and enjoyable environment for community members utilizing the revamped facilities.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Xiran Zhang, Jina Seo