This mixed-use development, situated in close proximity to the University of Nevada Las Vegas, introduces a diverse range of amenities meticulously tailored to cater to students, faculty, visitors, and the local community. The architectural composition comprises three towers that gracefully rise above a plinth, each serving as micro-communities encompassing student accommodations, faculty and community incubator offices, as well as a hotel.

The ground floor of the plinth strategically hosts retail spaces, strategically positioned to cater to both the student population and the broader community. Simultaneously, the upper floors of the plinth function as a comprehensive parking facility for the entire development. Featuring predominantly glass storefronts and complemented by engaging terraces, the retail spaces enhance the pedestrian experience and foster a dynamic interaction with the street. In contrast, the parking structure is enveloped in a perforated screen, not only ensuring ventilation but also contributing to visual continuity throughout the composition.

While the three towers share tectonic similarities, each is distinguished by a unique color palette that delineates its specific function. The towers are intelligently set back, and extended floor slabs not only provide shade to the façade but also create balconies in numerous units, contributing to the building’s dynamic visual impact. Interspersed between the towers are meticulously planned gardens, serving as retreats seamlessly connected to adjacent lobbies, conference rooms, gyms, and a café. Leveraging the shade cast by the surrounding towers, these green spaces play a vital role in mitigating the intensity of the Mojave Desert climate. The overall design strives for a harmonious balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, creating a vibrant hub for the university and its broader community.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert, Jeremy Limsenben, Ezalden Alleheibat