American Legion

The American Legion Post #03 is situated on Lake Patterson in Dickinson, North Dakota. Due to the economic and population explosion following the oil and gas boom in the region, there exists a need for expanded social services and entertainment opportunities. Serving both local veterans, as well as the general population, the lodge and restaurant are optimally sited to engage the views of and access to the waterfront.

The building form is derived from an analysis and hybridization of vernacular American architecture, particularly the “A” frame and the “lean-to” typologies used heavily in the Upper Midwestern United States. The material palette is a nod to local industrial building systems developed within contemporary detailing practices. Through the grafting and inflection of the generative archetypal building forms, the architecture responds to internal program and external site forces to fully embrace the lakefront site.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Jina Seo, Xiran Zhang, Janice Chen