Windward Hotel

Incorporating the original arched façade that once adorned Windward Avenue in Venice, this 21,000 square feet mixed-use transformation strives to harmonize the old with the new. Its primary goal is to foster increased interaction between the street and the newly proposed programs lining the ground floor. A defining feature is the translucent façade enveloping the building, not only paying homage to the historical architecture but also bathing the upper floors in natural light. This design element serves to connect hotel guests with the lively bohemian environment that characterizes the surroundings.

Functioning as an annex to the adjacent and bustling Erwin Hotel in Venice, this project is purposefully crafted to complement the Erwin’s existing offerings. Its dual purpose is to address the need for additional hotel rooms and, more significantly, to provide desirable and revenue-generating conference/event space. The annex introduces an additional 16 keys to the property, expanding accommodation capacity, along with 4,080 square feet of flexible event space. Furthermore, the inclusion of a restaurant along the historic downtown street establishes a direct link to local traffic, further integrating the development into the community. Crowned by a restaurant/bar with an expansive roof deck, the hotel offers sweeping and unobstructed views of the vibrant community, creating an enticing destination for both guests and locals alike.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Jina Seo, Xiran Zhang