MP 15

On a slender parcel within a North Hollywood neighborhood, interspersed with a blend of single and low-rise multifamily housing, MP15 stands as a beacon of inspired affordable housing, addressing an area with potential for increased density. The primary objectives of this 15-unit multifamily housing project were centered on maximizing the permissible footprint and building envelope. Additionally, the design sought to introduce subtle variations, responding not only to internal program requirements but also to external site conditions.

In stark contrast to the nondescript developments that dominate the street, the form of MP15 captures attention with a visually striking presence. Its contemporary urban optimism injects vitality into the historic fabric of the surroundings by carefully navigating the interface between the entry sequence—enhanced with a screened architectural stair—and the vibrant city street.

Rather than concealing, MP15 celebrates a restrictive utility easement running along the north property line. The massing strategy orchestrates a series of plan shifts, revealing a row of private balconies along each unit’s edge. The intentional blurring of interior and exterior spaces is integral to the design. Depending on viewing and lighting angles, the building’s sheathing alternately reveals and conceals patio spaces, fostering an engaging interplay between the built environment and its outdoor elements. This thoughtful approach not only addresses housing needs but also contributes a distinctive and contemporary aesthetic to the evolving urban landscape.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Shady Hakim, Shuxin Wu, Amir Mazhari