Front Range

The 1.5 acre area of vacant land, bounded by an airport on the west and sprawling residential neighborhoods on the north and east, will serve as a close-knit senior independent living community.

The proposed building is a bar-shaped mass with subtracted volumes to create indoor and outdoor community spaces that showcase the views of the nearby Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, Thorodin Mountain, and Apache Peak mountain range. The building has a total of 67,500 SF divided across three floors, holding sixty-three one-bedroom units and nine two-bedroom units organized around a central hallway spine that is designed to be utilized as a space for community engagement and enrichment. Amenity spaces extend from the central spine, including a computer room, fitness center, library space, roof deck, and barbeque area.

The main community center extends to the outdoor garden pathway, encouraging exercise, garden activities, and retreat spaces to foster a sense of neighborhood engagement for all residents.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben (Project Architect), Tak Szeto / Code Consultant: Churchill Engineering