Huntington 10

The proposed small lot home subdivision, featuring ten units elevated over street-level commercial and retail spaces, seeks to address the demand for both market rate and affordable housing within an underutilized up-slope hillside property in East Los Angeles. The project is meticulously conceived to embody both aesthetic intrigue and environmental sustainability. Employing innovative massing techniques, the units seamlessly integrate into the hillside, accompanied by rooftop gardens that facilitate sustainable indoor/outdoor living. Furthermore, the incorporation of various water retention techniques across the site contributes to the project’s overall environmental resilience.

The facade system selected for this development combines perforated screens with operable glass, creating a diverse range of conditions on the site and enhancing the project’s dynamic character. The street-facing commercial components serve a dual purpose—establishing a vibrant engagement with the thoroughfare while acting as a protective buffer for the residential units and their inhabitants. Meanwhile, the six units at the rear of the development foster a secluded residential ambiance, facilitating private indoor/outdoor living experiences amidst the expansive landscaped exterior garden ascending the hillside.

Sustainability remains a focal point within the individual units, designed with pre-fabricated modular construction approach. This not only contributes to the project’s environmental conscientiousness but also allows for versatile and easily modifiable interiors. The flexibility in design permits future alterations and subdivisions as the tenant mix evolves over time, ensuring a long-term adaptability that aligns with changing needs and preferences.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Xiran Zhang, Shuxin Wu, Yuxin Liu