Huntington 10

A developer-driven small lot home subdivision, consisting of ten units perched over street level commercial/retail components aims to provide substantial market rate and affordable housing to an underutilized up slope hillside property in Los Angeles. The project is designed to both be aesthetically interesting as well as environmentally sustainable by utilizing massing techniques that blend the units into the hill side, rooftop gardens that allow for sustainable indoor/outdoor living, and numerous water retention techniques employed across the site.

The façade system employed is a combination of perforated screen and operable glass that creates a variety of conditions on the site–increasing the dynamic nature of the project. The commercial components push forward to establish and engage the street, while providing a buffer for the living units and its inhabitants. The six rear facing units foster a more secluded residential feel that fosters private indoor/outdoor living and engages the vast landscaped exterior garden space vaulting up the hillside.

The sustainable nature continues within the units, designed to be an all concrete construction deploying free and open plan interiors that can be easily altered and subdivided over time as the tenant mix evolves.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Xiran Zhang, Shuxin Wu, Yuxin Liu