Black Jack

Nestled within a nascent North Las Vegas neighborhood, proximate to downtown Las Vegas, an innovative paradigm of residential development emerges through a 21-unit townhome project situated on an erstwhile vacant parcel. The intrinsic motivation of this endeavor lies in its commitment to furnishing the community with indispensable, economically viable, and sustainably designed housing. A distinctive feature of this development is its utilization of an all-steel construction process, thereby augmenting the sustainable design ethos inherent in each 1400 square foot, three-bedroom unit.

In the pursuit of operational efficiency and financial prudence, all units adhere to an identical floor plan. Nevertheless, through strategic mirroring and shifting across the expansive 2-acre site, a nuanced deployment of material patterns and a curated selection of facade colors afford a unique yet cohesive architectural variety. This intentional approach not only optimizes cost considerations but also engenders an aesthetically enriched milieu, fostering a sense of visual diversity and architectural sophistication within the residential enclave.

A conscientious orientation towards communal living manifests in the deliberate placement of primary living spaces, which open onto a collectively shared rear landscaped garden. The design intricacies of terraces and balconies serve as conduits, establishing an immersive connection to the external environment and promoting an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living experiences. This deliberate arrangement not only elevates the residents’ quality of life but also contributes substantively to the development’s overall sustainability by fostering a communal ethos and an enriched engagement with the immediate surroundings.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Amir Mazhari, Steven Navarro