In collaboration with our client, seeking to establish a comprehensive facility for luxury watch fabrication and manufacturing alongside corporate headquarters, we have meticulously formulated plans for a five-story structure designed to accommodate research and development, fabrication, design, engineering, and administration. The architectural concept centers around an open, flexible concrete grid, emphasizing adaptability. Guided by lean manufacturing best practices, our site plan and space analysis aim to create an environment that anticipates advancements and expansions within precision-crafted products.

Taking inspiration from the iconic design of the client’s key product, the watch, we have translated its distinctive features into the fa├žade and building envelope. The design harmonizes with the sleek, modern, and iconic industrial feel of the signature products, integrating elements of timelessness and sustainability. This meticulous amalgamation positions the facility as a symbol of innovation, enduring design, and environmental consciousness.

This urban design endeavor holds transformative potential for an industrial street formerly dominated by low-rise car repair centers. Through a strategic fusion of industrial form and materiality, the proposed building aims to become a dynamic hub for creativity, precision, and excellence in the field of luxury watch fabrication and related ventures.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Jina Seo, Yuxin Liu, Liesl Martinez, Sigen Chen