LifeHouse Pop-Up

Proposing an innovative strategy to bolster brand awareness for LifeHouse, we envisioned a dynamic and adaptable approach to extend their presence across various urban centers in the region. The goal was to create a flexible and mobile operation that transcended the constraints of a traditional brick and mortar situation, introducing the concept of pop-up as a method to activate events and heighten brand awareness. These mobile installations would serve as versatile platforms, enabling LifeHouse to engage with diverse audiences and communities.

In alignment with the brand’s core value of sustainability, our proposal incorporated a thoughtful integration of eco-friendly elements. The envisioned pop-up would reflect the original brand concept while showcasing a commitment to minimizing environmental impact. Our proposal suggested the use of existing shipping containers as the core shell of the pop-up, aligning with sustainability principles and introducing an innovative tectonic approach. This proposal aimed to present a holistic strategy that not only expanded brand visibility but also positioned LifeHouse as a socially responsible and forward-thinking brand. The project lays the foundation for a dynamic and sustainable extension of the LifeHouse brand into diverse retail landscapes.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), David Chong, Jeremy Limsenben, Xiran Zhang