Echo Studio

Perched above the primary residence on a rising plot of land in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) provides a peaceful space for contemplation while also functioning as a guest house. Reflecting the clean design and natural connectivity of the main house, the retreat features warm, open interiors designed to foster a calming atmosphere.

Positioned to interact thoughtfully with the surrounding landscape, the ADU exemplifies considerate design. Its strategic placement offers significant views of downtown Los Angeles, creating a harmonious blend of tranquility and practicality within the dynamic urban setting of the city.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben (Project Architect), Xiran Zhang, Jina Seo, Sheldon Preston (Designers), Sidonie Loiseleux (Interior Design) / Structural Engineer: Craig Phillips Engineering / General Contractor: Westward / Photography: Brian Thomas Jones, Alex Zarour