Rowena Studio

Breathing new life into a 1950s workspace, the Rowena Studio blends history with innovation. A glass-encased conference room anchors the space, promoting transparency and collaboration—a nod to our commitment to reshaping traditional office layouts.

Inside, practicality meets aesthetics, embracing Southern California’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle. A functional front deck extends the workspace, offering panoramic views and fostering a harmonious connection with nature. Open co-working spaces, designed for a team of 10, adapt to modern work trends, promoting collaboration in a singular, interconnected domain.

The interior features concrete floors, two-tone walls, and a carefully crafted lighting array, embodying simplicity and durability. Upgraded systems and windows enhance functionality, aligning with our commitment to resilience and sustainability. The Rowena Studio is a testament to transformation, seamlessly blending heritage and modernity to inspire possibilities in collaborative workspaces.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben, Jina Seo

Publications: Dezeen, January 24, 2019, ArchDaily, January 24, 2019