One Window

Positioned at the rear perimeter of a typical Los Angeles single family zoned parcel, the 300 square foot music studio serves both as a creative retreat for the owner and a pool house for his family. Dubbed the “One Window Studio” for a prominent sliding glass panel, the structure’s interior fully engages the Southern California climate. The sapele mahogany ship-lap clad structure, naturally illuminated by a series of clerestory windows and visually screened from adjacent neighbors, evokes the material and craftsmanship of the musicians prized instruments.

Arranged as three connected interior spaces – a lounge, a sound-isolation booth, and a bathroom/storage room – the studio contains all requisite acoustical features of a professional facility, coupled with the ability to break from recording and connect to the repose of the pool terrace. The extended daily ritual of walking from the residence to the studio, a location nestled within the native landscape, inspires the creative vision of the artist.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), Jeremy Limsenben / Structural Engineer: William Hogan / Photography: ANX