Wall House

The residence, located on a 60’ x 145’ corner lot in Santa Monica, developed from the desire for privacy as well as an interest in optimizing outdoor living.  In addition, this project questions the local tendency to maximize perimeter security, at the cost of the interior environment, through a system of layered landscape walls. It is within these walls that a series of micro-landscapes are established. Building upon the typology of the perimeter security wall, this new edge delimits a varying set of boundaries, protecting interior space as it expands outside.

Along the street elevations, an opaque enclosure wraps the house. Service and private program line the street, maximizing the privacy of the interior programs. Within the property, the building enclosure erodes, rendering the threshold between the living spaces and the garden seamless.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert, Mike Jacobs (Principals), Michael Alamo, Blair Ellis, Raquel Contreras, Jeremy Fletcher, Juan Garcia, Pascha Goodwin, Gabriel Leung, Sebastian Salvado / Structural Engineer: Gordon Polon Consulting Engineers / Mechanical Engineer: The Sullivan Partnership / General Contractor: G and A Development