Situated on the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles, pinned between the 101 freeway, various equipment storage lots and the LA County Jail, this warehouse for an inventor is housed within a former pretzel factory. The challenge of accommodating a fully operational R&D laboratory, a modest residence and an eclectic mix of recreational and meditative spaces was achieved through the insertion of a series of structurally independent spatial envelopes. These envelopes are connected in plan and section as a contiguous surface inserted into the existing structure, providing accessibility for skateboard, scooter, or bicycle; the preferred methods of circulation within this cavernous 12,000 sf space. Sectionally, a blurring of the live/work spaces culminate above the roof with panoramic views of the city from the crow’s nest/sleeping porch.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert, Mike Jacobs (Principals), Michael Alamo, Raquel Contreras, Gabriel Leung, Andranik Ognayan, David Chong