CK Preschool

The project consisted of the adaptive reuse of a newspaper transfer facility into a community preschool. Within Phase I, the existing offices and ancillary support spaces were reconfigured and brought to current code to be used as classrooms, an art room, a dance studio and administrative areas. Phase II consisted of the development of the landscape to accommodate dramatic play and levels of physical activity, to provide layers and variety of shade, and to support and augment the schools interest in environmental stewardship and community involvement.

Our Phase II proposal consisted of a network of structures, a lawn/garden, a river, and a play structure. The interlaced structures act to shade the sun throughout the day, retain and distribute rainfall, and to capture, store, and release heat. The lawn/garden and river are intended for play, as well as providing a resource for emerging curriculum. The play structure, in conjunction with the other elements of the playground, supports the students’ comprehensive development.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), David Chong, Lusine Madarian, Blair Ellis