APN: 5435-030-020

In bringing specificity to the relentlessness of residential tract development, APN:5435-030-020 seeks to subvert the banality of sprawl.  The sub-urban “private yard,” in this case, a walled lot in Southern California, provides the testing ground for a responsive prototype that addresses the local environment and desires of the homeowner.

The design is derived from both fixed and provisional strategies.  The fixed, or material strategy, is expressed through the physically grounded elements that merge across the site, while the provisional strategy, reacts to climate, program, and occupant.  The composite of these systems creates a site-specific landscape capable of responding to existing as well as emerging cycles of use.

Serving as a model for sub-urban applications, this landscape addresses site-specific conditions with the capacity to respond to additional sites/environments.  Wind, rain, snow and user suggest alternative technologies to address the neglected specificity of the developer’s sprawl.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert, Mike Jacobs (Principals), Michael Alamo, Gabriel Leung, Sebastian Salvado, John Ying