Metric Hotel

Centrally located in a rapidly evolving pocket of downtown Los Angeles, Metric Hotel is conceived as an alternative to the large scale corporate and luxury boutique hotels proliferating the neighborhood. Catering to the young and savvy urban explorer, Metric offers affordable luxury and current technology in an efficiently designed environment adjacent to business, art, shopping, and adventure.

Through the deployment of site constructed and modular building components, the resulting form and cladding of the hotel reflects the cellular nature of its construction tectonic. The steel and glass clad street fa├žade, expresses the interior organization of the hotel, while sensitively engaging the existing scale of the street and the neighborhood.

Project Team: Aaron Neubert (Principal), David Chong, Jeremy Limsenben, Xiran Zhang, Jina Seo, Sheldon Preston

Publications: Urbanize LA, February 29, 2016